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Coding for kids

Fostering entrepreneurial and coding skills in children for the future. Kids can take instructor-led live online coding classes from the comfort of their own homes.

Little Coder

The Cyber Square Little Coder Beginner course is an excellent introduction to coding for children aged 5 to 9. This is a great way for kids to learn coding because it teaches them how to build simple games and animations in a fun and interactive way. By enrolling in this course, children will have the opportunity to develop their presentation skills and logical reasoning abilities at an early age.

Using games and visual blocks, this is a beginner’s course for kids that teaches the basics of coding. Kids will learn the fundamentals of programming, sequencing, loops, conditionals, painting, photo editing, toy design, and tessellation with a VPL through this course. By completing this course, children will have the opportunity to learn to code early on and eventually produce something useful.

Web Developer Jr

The Cyber Square Design Your Website Beginner course is appropriate for children over the age of 7. This kids’ web design course will help them understand how the web works and create their own websites. Kids can learn how the web works, how to structure web pages with HTML, and how to use CSS, web hosting, visual coding, photo editing with Pixlr, and JavaScript in this web development course.

Game Developer

The fundamentals of Python programming, computer vision, speech signal processing, natural language processing, and machine learning are covered in the AI beginner course. The educational, behavioral, and practical aspects of AI, robotics, and coding, as well as how children interact with them, will be the focus of the AI Advanced course. Cyber Square’s Live Online Coding for Kids is a great way for kids to learn the fundamentals of coding and make their creations come to life by connecting with others. They will be able to create games and learn the fundamentals of programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in the Cyber Square JavaScript beginner game development course. They will also learn about visual coding, how to manipulate the DOM with JavaScript, how to make animations with JavaScript, and Phaser game development. This course is also open to children who have never taken a course before.

Python Developer

Python is a popular programming language that is easy for beginners to learn. Children can reach great heights in the future with coding knowledge. Through gamification, we are introducing the best method of education that inspires children to learn more. Cyber Square offers children live online coding. At Cyber Square, the Jr. Python Developer Beginner Course provides children with a solid foundation in Python programming concepts and visual coding.