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Career Guidance


The other day, one of the parents of a 12th-grade student came to me and asked. “My son has opted for the science stream but now he is finding it very difficult to cope with Chemistry and physics. Is there any way he can change his stream?” When I checked the internal assessments mark lists, he scored poorly in both subjects. The concern of the parent is valid, and there is a chance of a student fail in the board exam. There is less remaining for a rewind as he is almost halfway through the academic year. 

This is not a single case, but many parents face the same dilemma in choosing and pursuing the best suitable career for their wards. Since the options are increased, finding the correct one for your dream work and life is essential. Choosing a career is a major life decision, and the appropriate career path is crucial to a fulfilling and successful life. Many people go to their loved ones for advice to gain insight from their wealth of knowledge and experience in the realm of job development. But in most cases, they are advised based on the popular careers of that time, or which career the parent wished to go and failed to achieve. As a result, they have a major impact on their choice of profession, however, the extent to which this impact varies depending on the individual, their family, their community, and their culture.

Why should a student do Career Assessment?

Most of the students take a career option based on their interests. Interest is not constant and it may vary from time to time and from bus driver to an astronaut. A wide range of careers is available today, each requiring a unique blend of abilities and experiences. However, this variety can also lead to indecision and stress, especially among students. So, how do you find out your skills and interests to choose a suitable professional path?

The answer is assessing your innate abilities, skill set, aptitude, and interest. Career assessment comprises personality, orientation, aptitude, and attitude tests. A child is unaware of many things they have in choosing a career. Hence, it is important to do a career assessment before grade 10 and move to a specific stream of studies. The best way to go forward is to do a psychometric


What are the key factors to be assessed in a psychometric test?

Below given are a few essential points which will be assessed during a psychometric test. 

1. Strength/Weakness Assessment
Self-evaluation is difficult since we are biased toward seeing ourselves in a particular light. But in a psychometric analysis test, the student’s strengths and weaknesses are assessed scientifically in various areas. Some of them are the locus of control, decision-making, resilience, perfectionism, intense pursuit, problem-solving, etc. The assessment questions are carefully molded to understand the inherent attributes using an objective look at one’s skills and flaws provided through assessment exams.
2. Skill and Aptitude
Each job role demands a specific skill set and attitude. Understanding one’s aptitude in different areas of life skills is important to choose a successful career path. A psychometric test examines the levels of aptitude in Abstract analysis, verbal, logical reasoning, creative, spatial, language usage, numerical, infotech, mechanical and perceptual, etc.
3. Assessment of Personality type
Career aptitude tests are helpful since they not only expose areas of improvement but also aid in objectively evaluating transferable talents. When we talk about “marketable skills,” we’re referring to the ability to think critically, work well on your own or in a team, handle stress, etc., making you an attractive candidate for a job. Therefore, these tests will assist your child in entering their untapped personality.
4. Analysis of Core Competency
Students are active minds eager to expand their knowledge and welcome constructive criticism. By taking a personality test, your child might gain a new perspective on themselves and insight into how others see them.
5. Emotional Quotient
Modern workspace demands professionals with emotional intelligence. Post-Covid, there are a lot of changes happened in human resource management. New-age professions required candidates with empathy, emotional efficacy, motivation, and self-awareness. A psychometric test analysis the student’s emotional capacity and suggest the best career suitable for various emotional types.

Is a Psychometric test available in Bahrain?
Yes, under the Laurels Centre for Global Education, a new online portal is launched to do career assessment tests. Please register through www.guidemelearn.com to avail a slot for your ward’s psychometric test for an affordable fee. The students will also offer a one-to-one counseling session along with their parents to interpret the assessment report and create a career roadmap. For more information and to connect to a counselor WhatsApp 33644165.